Interview with f0rest on the upcoming season

Patrick "f0rest" Lindberg, currently performing for Dignitas,gave an interview for the team site, where he summed up the first half of this year and highlighted the problems that the team had to face during this period. He also spoke about what the team will work on first of all after returning from vacation.

Hi f0rest! Tell me about the past few months - how do you feel with the results you’ve achieved?

f0rest: The results now, looking back through the past few months we've had with Dignitas, are not satisfying or make me happy at all. We got off to really good start as a team but a few unlucky things happened - not only to us but also to the whole world with COVID-19, it kind of slowed our progress. hallzerk couldn't join us at FLASHPOINT and we lost a lot of time. We had a really good stride on the beginning of the team and we could have gone a bit further with that and potentially get into a level where we wanted to be at this point. After getting back from FLASHPOINT, it kind of felt that we had to restart everything, we couldn't really find our footing on the last few tournaments, so this break comes at a perfect time and hopefully everyone is refreshed when we start practicing again so we can take on the world. 

How are you looking towards the new season?

f0rest: I'm starting to get super excited to practice again. It feels like towards the end, since we couldn't get the results we wanted, the break couldn't have come at a better time than it did. So I think this is exactly what the team needs and when we get back to practice, we're going to start as we did at the beginning of the year, chasing good results.

What are you changing going forward?

f0rest: We're going to continue with what we did. We'll definitely try to fix our map pool to a point where we feel super comfortable playing maybe 5-6 maps so we can battle teams on pretty much every single map. It's going to take a long time for sure to do so, but we started to do that preparation just before the break and it's just sad that we couldn't put that into effect in the last tournaments we played, so know after the break we'll just pick it up where we left off and continue to work hard to get the results we want.

Do your goals remain the same or have you adjusted them due to the last difficult months?

f0rest: My goals, and I'm guessing the team's goals as well, is definitely to win some tournaments! The goal for the last season of the year is definitely to lift that trophy! That is the goal and that is what everyone is really hungry for and putting in the hard work to do so.

You’re now coming out of vacation, the players were saying that some rest time was really needed due to being constantly practicing and participating in tournaments. Will you be trying to get more control over your calendar for the next season so it won’t happen again?

f0rest: We will look into the schedule a bit more, I think the COVID-19 situation really messed up everything for everyone around the world, not just on sports of course. It took some hard turns and hopefully we can figure out some type of schedule that allows us to rest between tournaments so we don't go back to back to back. The practice is super important for us since we're still a new team, it's been long since we played with each other, so we will need all the practice we can get!

What’s the main goal you’ll be trying to achieve in the next semester?

f0rest: Main goal is to win a tournament, 100%!

And what about you - do you feel that you need to change something on your game to be even better for your team?

f0rest: I'm always looking to improve as a player. I don't think you can reach a point where you're satisfied with yourself as an individual in terms of your skill, there is always room for improvement. Even for me, who has played for so many years, there's always stuff you can improve on. Fifflaren, our coach, definitely helps and points things that we should take into consideration when playing and helps me grow as a player as well. There's definitely stuff I'm looking into, can't give a specific answer right now but I'm working on some stuff!

You’ve been streaming a lot lately! Do you want to leave a few words to your Twitch viewers?

f0rest: I just say a huge thank you for sticking around! My Matchmaking journey, my Wingman journey, and everything have been super fun! I've just started playing Ori and the Blind Forest, and there are a few people still sticking with me watching me play that game, it's an amazing community to have - thank you!