Astralis players earned $740 thousand each throughout 2019

The Danish online publication B.T. has posted the earnings of the best Danish CS:GO teams for 2019. The most successful e-Sportsmen were expected to be Astralis representatives, the total earnings of each amounts to $740 thousand.

According to the published information, the monthly salary of Astralis players - dev1ce, dupreeh, Magisk, Xyp9x and gla1ve - is 200 thousand Danish krones, which is about 30 thousand dollars. Journalists have also calculated the amount of prize money earned for 2019, up to 90% of which goes to the game staff, and received a share per person of 2.5 million Danish krones ($380 thousand).

The publication notes that only two players in Denmark's top football league have higher income. Players of FC "Copenhagen" Viktor Gorridsen Fischer and Andreas Bjelland officially earn ~$780 thousand and ~$1.37 million per year respectively.

Unlike Astralis, other Danish clubs set individual salaries for each player. Thus, in North the average salary is ~$18 thousand, in Heroic and MAD Lions - ~$8 thousand, and the former composition of Copenhagen Flames, which recently moved to the x6tence, earned a little over $2 thousand.

All amounts are shown without bonuses, such as bonuses for achievements in the world ranking. Some of the players also received a share of the game's personal sticker sales and profits from exclusive sponsorship contracts.