Keyd, paiN & INTZ filled their CS:GO teams

Brazilian organizations Keyd, PaiN and INTZ have announced the completion of CS:GO teams for the next season. The teams were staffed with players from the local competetive scene.

Keyd and paiN, which attracted investment from the Brazilian digital bank BS2 at the end of June, signed Victor "puni" Marques and Rafael "saffe" Costa respectively. Rookie Keyd will take the place of Guillerme "piria" Barbosa, who a month ago moved to DETONA, while paiN decided to replace the sniper Paul "land1n" Felipe.

The INTZ roster, which left Patrick "detr0it" Carvalho and Daniel "danoco" Morgado on June 18, were joined by Luigi "dukka" Castiglione and Richard "paredao" Krimann. Previously, both Brazilians had played for the INTZ Academy.

The nearest tournaments with Keyd, paiN and INTZ are Campeonato Brasileiro de Counter-Strike 2020 and Gamers Club Masters V. The regional championships will start at the end of July.

The current line-up of  Keyd:

 Matheus "mawth" Gonçalves
 Pedro "bnc" Mendes
 Thiago "tifa" França
 honatan "jota" Willian
 Victor "puni" Marques

 Matheus "Kaos" Nikolau (coach)

Current composition of  paiN:

 Vinícios "PKL" Coelho
 Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt
 Wesley "hardzao" Lopez
 Gabrielle "NEKIZ" Schenato
 Rafael "saffe" Kosta

 Bruno "bruno" Ono (coach)

Current composition of  INTZ:

 Maxel "maxcel" Rocha
 Augusto "gut0" Bertor
 Victor "kLv" Luna
 Luigi "dukka" Castiglione Ciccone
 Richard "paredao" Kriemann