TYLOO are leading at PAL Summer 2020 after 6 rounds

According to the results of six rounds of the group stage Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020, which runs in the format of Round-robin, seven of the eight finalists were determined. In anticipation of the final game week, where each team will play three more matches, playoffs spot were guaranteed by TYLOO, TIGER, ViCi, Invictus, Beyond, Divine Vendetta and D13.

The only leader in the standings is TYLOO. The Chinese team scored five victories, but only lost to Invictus.

TIGER, ViCi, Invictus and Beyond had four wins each, while Divine Vendetta and D13 had three. Mazaalai, Lucid Dream and Bren were defeated in five of the six games and will fight for last place in the playoffs.

Current results of the group stage:

Perfect World Asia League Summer 2020 runs from 24 June to 19 July and acts as the second ranking tournament for Asia. The ten strongest players in the region compete for $100,000 and 12500 RMR points.