Evil Geniuses outplayed Liquid at cs_summit 6 upper bracket finals

The first finalist of the North American cs_summit 6 tournament is Evil Geniuses. In the decisive match of the upper bracket finals they were stronger than Liquid - 16:7 on Inferno and 16:14 on Mirage with a score of 2-0.

It should be noted that these teams have previously played in the group stage. Back then Evil Geniuses also won with the score 2:0. On the 4th of July at 22:00 Liquid is waiting for the final of the lower bracket against Gen.G, who beat 100 Thieves in the previous round.

Actual playoffs bracket:

The North American cs_summit 6 is played from June 24 to July 5 as a qualifying tournament for ESL One Rio 2020. Eight teams compete for RMR points and $75,000 in prize money.