WePlay! Clutch Island main stage: day 1 recap

The first day of the main stage of the RMR tournament WePlay! Clutch Island has brought a us four matches with incredible level of stress among the participants. The day started with a warm up series for the favourites and resumed with the real test for the CIS grands. In the first match of the day Team Spirit has coped with ESPADA pretty easily beating their opponent dry 2-0 on cards, 16-13 on Nuke and 16-11 on opponent's pick Mirage. The second match of the day did not bring any surprises as well, when Nemiga overcame Winstrike 2-0 on maps as well, 16-7 on Vertigo and 16-6 on their Mirage.

Most intense part of the day started with Gambit Youngsters stunning the favorites of the rivalry Natus Vincere 2-1 on cards, winning Dust2 after each of the teams has taken their picks: 19-16 on Overpass in favor of Gambit Youngsters and 12-16 Train went to Natus Vincere. The final stats of the encounter:

The final clash of the day has been an even more nailbiter for the teams, where Virtus.Pro managed to prove their superiority over Hard Legion only in the final round on the third map. Ex-captain of the team Dzhami "Jame" Ali has clutched 1v3 situation and finished Inferno in favor of VP 16-14. The starting map of the match Dust2 was also taken by the bears 16-10 in their active and right after that Hard Legion took their Overpass pick 11-16. The final stats of the match are provided below.

Tomorrow we are going two have four matches as well and two teams already leaving the tournament. The game day is going to kick off with the loosers' match of Group A where ESPADA will play against Winstrike, after that the winners of the same group are going to decide the first spot of the playoffs in Team Spirit against NEMIGA match. After a short break the day continues with the Group B encounters with another team leaving the tournament. That is going to be determined in Natus Vincere against Hard Legion match. And in the final rivalry of the day we are going to have the triumphant teams of Group B deciding the second playoffs spot - VP against Gambit Youngsters.