cs_summit 6 seeding revealad

Beyond The Summit presented the seeding of qualfiers and group stages cs_summit 6. The rating tournament will run from June 22 to July 5 in Europe and North America.

Sixteen teams will play in the European cs_summit 6 qualifiers stage. The participants have been seeded into the Single Elimination bracket with matches of up to two victories.

Seeding of the starting matches of the qualifying stage:

 fnatic –  Nordavind
 Heroic –  Endpoint
 Dignitas –  FATE
 MAD Lions –  PACT
 Complexity –  Japaleno
 c0ntact –  AVEZ
 OG –  Sprout

The five strongest teams of the qualifying stage, the last of which will be determined by means of junction matches, will pass to the group stage, where they will join the eleven owners of direct intakes. The participants have been divided into four groups in the GSL format.

Group stage seeding:

Group A

 Qualifiers Finalist #1

Group В

 Movistar Riders
 Qualifiers Finalist #2

Group С

 Copenhagen Flames
 Qualifiers Finalist #3

Group D

 Qualifiers Finalist #4
 Qualifiers Finalist #5

Qualifiers stage cs_summit 6 for North America will be held as part of the Double Elimination BO3 braclet . Eight teams will determine top three who will fight with five directly invited participants in the group stage in GSL format.

Sowing the starting matches of the qualifying stage:

 Cloud9 –  New England Whalers
 Triumph –  Yeah
 Envy –  TeamOne
 MIBR –  Chaos

Sowing the group stage:

Group A

 Evil Geniuses
Qualifiers Finalist #1

Group В

 100 Thieves
Qualifiers Finalist #2
Qualifiers Finalist #3

The competition in both regions will end with a playoff stage in the Double Elimination format. Eight teams will play in the final part of the European championship and four teams in the North American championship.