WePlay! Clutch Island qualifiers stage schedule revelead

The organizers of RMR tournament WePlay! Clutch Island presented the schedule of the qualifiers stages, which was split in two parts and will run from 16 to 18 June.

The first stage will be played in GSL-format with matches up to two victories. Two teams from each group will go through to the second stage, where they will face each other for three vacant slots in the main stage.

Earlier the results of the draw of the first stage of the group stage were announced. HellRaisers, Nemiga, Espada and Moscow Five Academy are in Group A while forZe, Syman, Gambit Youngsters, CRAZY are in Group B.

The schedule of the qualfiers stage at WePlay! Clutch Island:

16 June

09:00  Nemiga –  Moscow Five Academy
09:00  HellRaisers –  Espada
12:00  forZe –  CRAZY
12:00  Syman –  Gambit Youngsters
15:00 Group A - Match of the winners
15:00 Group A - Losers' Match
18:00 Group B - Match of the winners
18:00 Group B - Losers Match

June 17

15:00 Group A - Decisive Match
18:00 Group B - Decisive Match

June 18

13:00 Match for slot #1
13:00 Match for slot #2
17:30 Match for slot #3

*All time is CET