CS:GO Improved FPS drops caused by Text Filtering update

Valve has updated its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive client to fix a performance issue when using weapons with a name tag. Players noticed a drop in frame rate after the last update, which added a Language Filter to the game.

The latest version of CS:GO game client (ClientVersion=1132) addresses performance issues associated with text filtering, as well as fixes several bugs. Steam should update your game automatically next time you play. Good luck, and have fun!

On June 12, the performance problem was reported on the Reddit forum. The author of the publication discovered that his FPS drops from 375 to 310 frames, when using weapons with a name tag

A day earlier, enthusiast DonHaci found on Inferno an issue that allows to see players in the smoke on the balcony near point A. Whether the problem was fixed in the new version was not reported.