ESL Pro League 12th season announced

Next season of ESL Pro League will run from September 2 to 30 in LAN-format. It is reported on the official website of the prestigious championship.

In total, ESL Pro League S12 will be attended by 24 teams, including 16 owners of invites and eight finalists of qualifying tournaments. According to the official announcement, ESL is ready to hold the competition online and split the participants into five regions, if the borders of most countries will still be closed.

In the group stage the teams will be divided into four groups in Round-robin format with matches up to two victories. The finalists will play in the playoffs, where they will face the Single Elimination BO3+BO5 grid. The total prize pool is $750,000.

List of ESL Pro League S12 participants:

 100 Thieves
 Evil Geniuses
 Natus Vincere
Finalist of ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge #1
Finalist of ESEA MDL S33 Global Challenge #2
Finalist of European Qualifying tournament #1
Finalist of European Qualifying tournament #2
Winner of NA Qualifying tournament
Winner of SA Qualifying tournament
Winner of Pacific Qualifying tournament
Winner of Asian Qualifying tournament

The previous season of the Pro-League from ESL took place from March 16 to April 12 online. The champion in the European region is fnatic, in the North American region - Liquid.