EXTREMUM presented new roster

EXTREMUM officially introduced the players of their renewed CS:GO line-up. Only captain Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveev remained from the previous roster of the Russian club, who was joined by Vadim "Polt" Tsirov, Evgeniy "Norwi" Ermolin, Nikita "LostDF" Babalykov and Daniil "Re1GN" Chekanin.

"We have officially signed the players of the CS:GO test line-up, with whom we have been training for several weeks now. The team has tried to play with many candidates, but this very four proved to be the best - both on the skill and on personal compatibility.
Polt is an experienced player who has played many official matches at a good level, he knows what to do on the map and in the team, and he has really strong shooting. This is the player we needed. Norwi and lostdf have a lot of potential and already show a decent skull, besides, they put on training 100%. All this complements the AIM Re1GN - it will surprise the audience again and again",

EXTREMUM Sports Director Yevgeny Kuzmin

 The first reshuffles in EXTREMUM were officially announced on April 16: Timur "clax" Sabirov left the club, and Grigory "balblna" Oleynik was transferred to the coaching staff, where he took the position of analyst. Later, Oleksandr "shalfey" Marenov and Sergey "airscape" Marochkin also left the team.

The new squad of EXTREMUM makes its debut in the open qualifying stage for the rating tournament WePlay! Clutch Island. The first of the three qualifiers will take place on June 8.


Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveev
Vadim "Polt" Tsirov
Eugene "Norwi" Yermolin
Nikita "LostDF" Babalykov
Daniel "Re1GN" Chekanin.

Dmitry "iksou" Mikhailichenko (coach)