forZe signed two 18 y.o. academy players

The Russian eSports club forZe has announced that they've signed contracts with Alexander "kiro" Cherov and Dmitry "ek1ps" Tokarev. The 18-year-old CS:GO players were selected from forZe Academy students.

Sergey Ignatko, forZe CEO, noted that the new team members are not yet members of the core team, but will train together with players from the starting five.

"Sasha and Dima have completed a full training course, made a big step forward in their game development, and we will help them to reach their potential. So far they are not the main team players, but by training together with our core players they will develop, grow and maybe be able to compete with some of the players in other professional teams",

-CEO forZe Sergey Ignatko.