Relog Media announced tournament series with $200,000 prize pool

eSports organizer Relog Media with support of GRID Esports will host a series of four CS:GO online tournaments by the name Nine to Five. The total prize pool will be $200,000.

Each of the tournaments will come within half a month with the participation of sixteen teams. In the first stage the participants will be split in four groups in the GSL format, the finalists will advance to the next the stage in the Swiss system format, where they will be joined by eight more invited teams. The eight strongest teams will collide in the grid of playoffs Single Elimination.

At the moment Team Spirit, GODSENT and Heroic have already confirmed their participation. The full list of participants in the first Nine to Five tournament will be announced later.

The Nine to Five tournament series schedule:

Tournament #1: 29 June - 15 June
Tournament #2: July 20 - August 5
Tournament #3: August 10 - August 26
Tournament #4: 31 August - 16 September