Salamander signed by Budapest Five

Victor "flashie" Tamash's team completed their cooperation with Salamander after the expiration of their contracts and joined Budapest Five. This is reported on the official pages of Hungarian clubs in social media.

The current squad was formed at the end of 2019, when it was joined by a duo of GAMERZONE . The biggest ex-Salamander achievements were third place in the Asvanced division of the ESEA league and successful qualification at #HomeSweetHome: Week 3, where the team went to the playoffs but already lost to Complexity in the quarter-finals.

Under the auspices of Budapest Five, the Hungarian Five make their debut in the ESEA S34 Advanced league. The nearest matches will take place in early June.

The current squad of Budapest Five:

András "coolio" Fercsák
Szedlár "kory" Kornél
Torzsás "torzsi" Ádám
Patrik "bodito" Boda
Viktor "flashie" Bea (coach)