Gamers Without Borders scheduled revealed

The organizers of Gamers Without Borders presented the full schedule of the CS:GO competition, which will take place from 29 to 31 May in the European region. The six invited teams will face Single Elimination bracket up to two victories , except for the Grand Final which will be held in BO5 format.

Earlier the seeding of the participants was announced: G2 - FaZe and fnatic - OG will play in the quarter-finals, while Natus Vincere and mouseports will start the tournament directly from the semi-final.

Tournament schedule:

29th of May

19:00  G2 –  FaZe BO3 (MR12)
21:00  fnatic –  OG BO3 (MR12)

May 30

16:00  Natus Vincere –  G2 /  FaZe BO3 (MR12)
19:00   mousesports –  fnatic /  OG BO3 (MR12)

May 31

20:00 Grand Final BO5 (MR12)

Gamers Without Borders is a series of charity tournaments in various eSports disciplines. In total, the tournament organizers will donate $10,000,000 to fight the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.