Weibo will sign CS:GO roster

Weibo is prepared to announce it’s CS:GO roster in the coming weeks, CSGO2ASIA has learned. Sina Weibo, or Weibo, is a micro-blogging platform in China released in 2009. Weibo is one of the most popular sites in China and is often considered to be a combination of Chinese Facebook & Twitter. 

With around 497 million monthly users (2019), Weibo’s presence in esports is a huge boon to the Asian CS:GO ecosystem. Since the release of CS:GO in China through the Perfect World platform in 2017, the active player base has seen a steady rise. While still considered one of the least popular game titles in China, the timing of Weibo’s entrance seems to align with data that suggests CS:GO is only growing in the country of 1.4 billion.

The line-up includes ex-members from EHOME and Invictus Gaming, including QingHui “Fiourn” Kong and Tzu-Chi “Marek” Huang as well as Russian native, Egor “killmatic” Storozhok. The three mentioned have attended events like the StarLadder i-League Season 8 finals and EPICENTER 2019.

Perhaps the most surprising addition, albeit most exciting, is Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto. The 16-year old talent hails from Indonesia and is the younger brother to Kevin “xccurate” Susanto. f0rsakeN previously played for BOOM, before the organization picked up the ex-INTZ Brazillian roster. Rounding up the roster is ex-BTRG player, Zhi Tao “Drea3er” Zhang, who left BTRG in April of this year.

With the coming announcement, Team Weibo CS:SGO will feature the following players:

 Qing Hui “Fiourn” Kong
  Tzu-Chi “Marek” Huang
  Egor “killmatic” Storozhok
  Zhi Tao “Drea3er” Zhang
  Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto