Groupstage Seeding for BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown for CIS

BLAST presented the results of the draw of the group stage of CIS qualification for BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown, which will be held from 25 to 30 May. Eight participants were split into two groups.

The format and schedule of the competition will be published in the nearest future.

Seeding of participants at the group stage:

Group A

 NAVI Junior

Group В

The European tournament BLAST Spring 2020 Showdown will be online in early June. Ten participants will fight for the finals of the spring season and a cash prize of $162,500.

The list of BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown participants:

The list of participants in the BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown:

Invite #4
Invite #5
Invite #6
Scandinavian Qualification Tournament Finalist #2
Winner of CIS qualification tournament
Winner of the tournament qualifying for the Iberian Peninsula countries