Chaos signed Xeppaa & leaf

Chaos has officially announced the signing of Eric "Xeppaa" Bach and Nathan "leaf" Orff, which were previously seen in the team's application for the ESEA MDL S34 league. In the main line-up they will take the seats of Hunter "SicK" Mims, who broke up with the organization after Flashpoint 1 and switched to VALORANT, and Cameron "cam" Kern.

According to a published announcement, Chaos has decided to end its partnership with Cam because of unsatisfactory results at the recent Flashpoint 1, where it took 7-8th place. However, the 22-year-old American has to leave the CS:GO competition scene to focus on his studies.

The upcoming Chaos matches will take place as part of ESEA MDL S34. On the night of May 7, the team will meet with Mythic and Swedish Canadians.

Chaos EC CS:GO Roster:

Erik “Xeppaa” Bach

Nathan “leaf” Orf (trial basis)

Logan “Voltage” Long

Joshua “steel” Nissan

Anthony “vanity” Malaspina

Support Staff:

Matt “mCe” Elmore - Coach

Connor “Slim Sweeeazy” Larkin - Manager