BLAST Spring 2020 EU Showdown Iberian qualifiers participants announced

The organizers of the Iberian RTP Arena Cup tournament, which will take place from 16-24 May and qualify for the BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown, presented a full list of participants. SAw, Movistar Riders, Giants and Cream received direct invites to the regional championship, while the other four slots will be occupied by the winners of the qualifying matches.

List of participants in the RTP Arena Cup:

 Movistar Riders
Winner of Wizards - S2V
Winner of x6tence - FTW
Winner of KPI - eXploit
Winner of OFFSET Wygers.

RTP Arena Cup will be held in Single Elimination format with up to two victories. The winner will receive a slot in the European Showdown tournament BLAST Spring 2020.

Preliminary schedule of the RTP Arena Cup:

May 9 (qualification matches)

15:00  Wizards –  S2V
18:00  x6tence –  FTW

May 10 (qualification matches)

15:00  KPI –  eXploit
18:00  OFFSET –  Wygers

May 16

15:00  Movistar Riders –  Wizards /  S2V
18:00  Giants –  x6tence /  FTW

May 17

15:00  sAw –  KPI /  eXploit
18:00  Cream –  OFFSET /  Wygers

May 23

15:00 Semifinal #1
18:00 Semifinal #2

May 24

15:00 Grand Final

The European tournament BLAST Spring 2020 Showdown will run in early June. Ten participants will fight for passage to the finals of the spring season of the championship and the cash prize fund of $162,500.

The list of participants in the BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown:

Invite #4
Invite #5
Invite #6
Scandinavian Qualification Tournament Finalist #2
Winner of CIS qualification tournament
Winner of the tournament qualifying for the Iberian Peninsula countries