Triumph & Yeah left ESL One: Road to Rio for NA

On the eve of the final round of the ESL One: Road to Rio - North America group stage, the Triumph and Yeah teams lost their chance to make the playoffs. The U.S. team completes the tournament with three defeats, while the Brazilians have yet another game to play, which is crucial only for their rival, Liquid.

In both groups, the three finalists will decide on the outcome of the last round, which will be held on May 2-3.

Group stage:

The North American tournament ESL One: Road to Rio runs from April 22 to May 10. The region's top twelve teams will compete for a prize pool of $60,000 and 12100 points in the RMR-rating, which will determine participants in the major ESL One Rio 2020. On April 28, Orgless withdrew from the championship as the players decided to disperse.