Team Spirit, & OG invited to Hellcase Cup 8

StarLadder has announced the list of invited participants for the next Hellcase Cup tournament, which starts on May 18 and will last up to June 28. Twelve teams have been invited to the group stage, while Team Spirit, and OG will start the competition directly from the playoffs.

Sixteen teams, four of which will be determined through open qualifiers, will be split into four groups where they will face Round-robin (GSL) format. The winners of each of the quartets will advance to the playoffs, where they will meet with four directly invited teams within the Double Elimination bracket.

In the final stage at the Hellcase Cup 8, participants will draw a $10,000 prize pool, which will be replenished with crowdfunding. We would like to remind you that the total cash reward of the previous tournament of the series exceeded $60,000.

List of participants of the group stage:

 Hard Legion
 Gambit Youngsters
Qualifier finalist #1
Qualifier finalist #2
Qualifier finalist #3
Qualifier finalist #4

List of the playoffs:

 Team Spirit
Invite #4