oskar left Sprout

Tomasz "oskar" Stastny has officially left the Sprout roster. According to the Czech sniper, the reason for this decision was the different views on the team's style of play.

As u already know, the org and i decided to split. With the team we had diff view on the game but they are cool guys anyway, definitely happy that me and the org could sort this out and they let me go. Where i go? i dont know yet, im gonna keep streaming fpl and hope for brighter future. Ty for your support anyway, always appreciated. Stay safe everyone!

Earlier, journalist of DBLTAP portal Jarek "DeKay" Lewis announced possible replacement in the Sprout team. According to his information, the German club was aimed at signing the former Chaos player Owen "smooya" Butterfield.

Oskar has represented Sprout since January this year. The 28-year-old Czech made their debut at the DreamHack Open in Leipzig, where the renewed team took 7-8th place, losing with a devastating score to North and Heroic. The team also finished among the outsiders at the Europe Minor - Rio 2020 closed qualifying stage.