Orgless gave up on ESL One: Road to Rio

The North American team Orgless refused to participate in ESL One: Road to Rio as the players decided to split up. This was announced on Twitter by the organizers of the tournament.

ESL will not be looking for a replacement for Orgless, who in the first two rounds of Road to Rio took last place in their group with two losses in the asset. The results of the matches already played have been cancelled and the planned games have been cancelled.

The Orgless players gathered in early February for the Americas Minor - Rio 2020 qualifiers, which ended unsuccessfully for them, with losing to the Triumph lineup in the slot match. Later, Pujan FNS Mehta's team qualified for Flashpoint 1, where they took 5th-6th place, winning $35,000.

The former Orgless lineup:

Pujan "FNS" Mehta
Yasin "Subroza" Taufik
Matthew "WARDELL" Yu
Jacob "yay" Whitaker
Gage "Infinite" Green