bottle joined OneThree

OneThree announced the signing of former R-Stars player Lei "bottle" Mao, known internationally for his performances for TYLOO, CyberZen and 5POWER. He replaced Jae "Ayeon" Young in the main line-up, who joined the team only three months ago.

Also, the Chinese organization introduced Zhengdong "Not7" Moe as the head coach on a permanent basis. He has been on trial since early April when he was excluded from the starting five and was replaced by Junhao "ChildKing" Peng.

The updated OneThree roster will make its debut in the new Asian league from Vision Esports, which will be held from April 30 to May 23. Kifan's team "Karsa" Su will fight against Invictus, Lynn Vision, Aster, JiJieHao, BTRG, Let's Quit and Zero.TSG.