Elisa Invitational groups & schedule

The organizers of Elisa Invitational presented the seeding of the group stage and the schedule of the upcoming tournament, which will be take place from April 30 to May 3 and will act as a qualification for the BLAST Spring 2020 Europe Showdown. The group stage of the championship will run in Round-robin BO1 format, while the main stage will be played within Single Elimination BO3 bracket.

The participants will be sown at the group stage:

Group A


Group B


Schedule of the tournament:

April 30

12:00  Dignitas vs.  Apeks 
13:30  GODSENT vs.  ENCE
15:00  ENCE vs.  Dignitas
17:30  GODSENT vs.  Apeks
18:00  GODSENT vs.  Dignitas
19:30  ENCE vs.  Apeks

May 1

12:00  Nordavind vs.  KOVA
13:30  North vs.  Heroic
15:00  Heroic vs.  Nordavind
17:30  North vs.  KOVA
18:00  North vs.  Nordavind
19:30  Heroic vs.  KOVA

May 2

16:00 Quarterfinal #1
20:00 Semifinal #1

May 3

16:00 Quarterfinal #2
20:00 Semifinal #2