ESL One: Road to Rio Updates

1- Full Schedule
We initially only announced the starting dates for every region and our targeted finishing date for the competition as a whole. We can now confirm the exact dates for every region: 

EU: 22nd April - 17th May
NA: 22nd April - 10th May
CIS: 30th April - 17th May
SA: 22nd April - 26th April
Asia: 6th May - 10th May
OCE: 6th May - 10th May

2- Revised Major Slot Distribution

The initial regional slot distribution was made to correspond with how each region would have been represented in Rio originally, but one of the participating teams has changed their home region, making a small adjustment necessary. 

North America will lose a Challenger slot and Europe will gain one. This change will also affect regional prize pool distribution, with Europe’s rising to $115,000 (from $105,000) and North America’s decreasing to $60,000 (from $70,000).
All other regions are unaffected and slot distribution stands as follows:

Europe: 3 Legends, 6 Challenger, 2 Contenders (previously 3-5-2) 
North America: 3 Legends, 1 Challenger, 1 Contender (previously 3-2-1)
CIS: 2 Legends, 1 Challenger, 2 Contenders
SA, Oceania, Asia: 1 Contender each.

3 - ESL One: Road to Rio Team List

ESL have finalized the list of teams that will participate in our various regional divisions. First priority was to invite all teams that would have played in the Rio Majors and Minors. Afterwards, it's still needed to fill some slots to make sure each region would have a viable tournament schedule with a sufficient and even number of participants.

For most region rankings from the Minor Closed Qualifiers have been used. In cases where multiple teams were on the same ranking within the last round of the Closed Qualifiers, tiebreaker matches will be played. Details would be annnounced shortly
The following teams will participate in ESL One: Road to Rio:
Europe Region
Team Vitality
G2 Esports
FaZe Clan
Team Heretics
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Movistar Riders
Copenhagen Flames
c0ntact Gaming

North America Division
Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid
100 Thieves
FURIA Esports
Bad News Bears
Gen.G Esports
Team Envy
Yeah Gaming

CIS Division
Natus Vincere
Winstrike Team
Gambit Youngsters
Syman Gaming
Team Spirit
Hard Legion Esports
Team Unique
Tiebreaker Team
Tiebreaker Team

South America Division
RED Canids
BOOM Esports
Isurus Gaming
Team One

Oceania Division
Ground Zero

Asia Division
Vici Gaming
Lucid Dream
Camel Riders
Tiebreaker Team
Tiebreaker Team