Heroic bench es3tag and Snappi

Heroic reported the expulsion of Patrick "es3tag" Hansen and Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer, who returned to the Danish organization after the disruption of the transfer deal with FunPlus Phoenix.

Heroic has during the last month experienced somewhat of a turmoil, but is finally back on track.

With the already announced departure of Patrick “es3tag” Hansen, we’d like to wish him best of luck in his new team and thank him for his time in Heroic. To make room forchanges, he has been moved to the inactive roster.

Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer, will also be moved to the inactive roster. Marco has been incredibly valuable to us during his almost year long journey with Heroic, and will always be remembered as a true Hero.

Replacements will be announced during next week.

Earlier es3tag signed an agreement with Astralis, under the terms of which it will join the team as the sixth player after his existing contract expires in June 2020. Heroic CEO Eric Askered intends to sue Astralis, as he considers its actions illegal.

es3tag has been playing for Heroic since June 2017 and Snappi since August 2019. The Danish team's latest achievements include winning the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019, second place at the DreamHack Open Rotterdam 2019 and 3-4 place at EPICENTER 2019.