EPL S11 EU. mousesports advance

At the end of Group C of the European division at ESL Pro League S11, mousesports team took first place and guaranteed participation in the second group stage, while FaZe and OG, who finished in second and third places respectively, will play the deciding matches.

Before the final series of matches, none of the finalists of Group C were determined. While the meeting of outsiders Virtus.pro and TYLOO had no influence on the tournament position, the outcome of the other two matches was decisive for FaZe, OG, mousesports and G2. Finn "karrigan" Andersen's team defeated G2 2:0 on the cards and led the table single handedly, while the defeated opponent was shifted to top 3, which was influened by the result of a parallel match.
Statistics of the final matches of Group C

Stats of the final matches of Group C

 Virtus.pro 2:0  TYLOO (Inferno 16:8, Vertigo 16:4)

 FaZe 2:0  OG (Dust2 16:7, Nuke 16:7)

 mousesports 2:0  G2 (Nuke 16:9, Train 16:11)

Results of the first group stage at ESL Pro League S11:

Deciders seeding:

 FaZe vs.  forZe
 fnatic vs.  NiP
 Vitality vs.  OG

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