ESL Pro League S11 game day recap

The European division of ESL Pro League S11 continued with two matches, in which OG defeated mousesports and afterwards G2 dealt with FaZe. FURIA started the tournament with an unexpected victory over Liquid in North American region.

After defeating TyLoo OG outplayed mousesports despite losing their first card in overtime - Mirage ended 19-16 in favor of mouz. OG won Train and Inferno by total of only five rounds.

The match between G2 and FaZe started on Nuke, where in the confident manner samurais have taken a 16-14 win in the second half. FaZe responded on Dust2 (16:11) with a memorable clutch from coldzera, where the Brazilian star  realized has won the situation 2 vs 5 with deagle and no armour. The decisive Train ended 16:12 in favour of G2.

There was only one match in the North American division in which Liquid lost to FURIA. The Brazilians lost Nuke 16:10, but thanks to Kaike "KSCERATO" Serato's excellent game they managed to take Inferno 16:11 and Mirage 16:13. Thus, Liquid lost two of their four EPL S11 matches, but temporarily remain on the second line of the standings.

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