KennyS played the best map in his career against TyLoo

In the match of group C of the European division ESL Pro League S11 G2 defeated TYLOO. The game was decided on the third card, where Kenny has shown incredible performance.

On Vertigo, the legendary French player committed 35 kills at 6 deaths and scored a rating of 2.89, which is the best result in his entire career - the first official match of KennyS took place September 22, 2012 as part of VeryGames.

For comparison, the average rating of kennyS for the last six months at the big tournaments is 1.08. At the same time, at Vertigo it is traditionally successful and for 22 games on average showed the index 1.21.

G2 won Vertigo 16:3 with the first victory in the ESL Pro League S11.