EPL S11 Europe. forZe beat North; Na'Vi lost second match in a row

According to the results of the second round of group B in the European division ESL Pro League S11 forZe and BIG won another match and share the first place in the current tournament table.

Russian team forZe continued their successful journey through the regular season and managed to beat North 2-0. By choosing Train, forZe players have already secured a five-round advantage in the first half and subsequently brought the game to victory without any problems - 16:10. On Inferno, the Danes put up more serious resistance, but still could not level the score and lost from 16:12 to the scoreboard. One of the reasons for North's defeat was their weak individual performance: only Markus "Kjaerbye" Kierbi and Philip "aizy" Aistrup stood out on the first and second cards respectively.

However, any individual performance pales on the background of what Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev showed in the match against BIG. The Ukrainian finished the game with 81 kills and a personal asset rating of 1.79, but even despite such impressive statistics, Natus Vincere lost to BIG and remain without wins on EPL S11. The German team won Nuke 16:7 and on Dust2 they "closed" the BO3 series in overtime - 22:20.

In the final game of the day, the fnatic coped with Complexity without much trouble, recovering from a defeat by BIG in the first round. The Swedes confirmed their favourite status from the first minutes and only gave two rounds before changing sides on Mirage. The opponents made an attempt to return to the game for defense, but unsuccessfully - 16:9. Dust2 for Complexity ended even sadder, with only three rounds for each side and 16-6 in the end.

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