EPL S11 Europe day recap

According to the results of the second round of group A triumph was celebrated by NiP, Astralis and Vitality, who have been stronger than Team Spirit, GODSENT and ENCE. At the moment the tournament table is led by the Swedish and French teams, which finished the first two games of the regular season EPL S11 without losses.

The start of the game day was given by the meeting of NiP and Team Spirit. On the first map of the BO3-series, which was Mirage, the game was played on an equal footing, but in the end, the Ninjas won with a minimum advantage. The match continued at Vertigo, where the Russian team failed to cope with a more prepared opponent - 16-5.

Astralis and GODSENT faced in the second match. The Danish Grand defeated the opponent on both maps, giving only 12 rounds in total: Vertigo ended 16:5 and Mirage ended 16:7. It is noteworthy that Pavel "Maden" Boskovic significantly outperformed his team's 2.0 rating according to individual statistics, and the only one from his team got the final rating above one.

The confrontation between Vitality and ENCE was the most exciting in the second round of Group A. On Mirage, the French showed a solid defense and went over to the attacking side with an 11 round lead. The Finns responded in two episodes of four rounds, but failed to perform a comeback - 16:10. On Inferno the game was already controlled by Alexi "allu" Yallu's team, who gave 8 rounds before restoring parity in the BO3 series. The winner of the decisive Dust2, in the course of which none of the teams had been more than 3 rounds behind their opponents, was determined only at the last moment - 16:14 in favor of Vitality.

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