ESL Pro League S11 first results of Group A

After the first matches of the 11th season of ESL Pro League, Group A lead has been taken by Team Spirit, Vitality and NiP, who have beaten ENCE, GODSENT and Astralis respectively with the same score of 2:0 on maps.

The game day started with the match ENCE vs Team Spirit. The CIS team got a place in the league due to the return of the BOOM team to Brazil - they decided to leave Europe after ESL moved the tournament to online for fear of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. ENCE cannot find the optimal form after the breakup with Alexi "Aleksib" Virolineen last autumn, which was confirmed in the game. Two maps were enough to determine a winner: on Inferno ENCE failed to show anything - 16:3, and the fate of Train decided at the very end, when Team Spirit won six of the seven final rounds - 16:14.

As the competition continued, Vitality and GODSENT came together in Group A. Vitality recently updated the lineup and gave a chance to young misutaaa, who didn't smear his debut and finished the match with 1.23 rating. Sadrick "RpK" Guipouy, who became a top frager on the server, proved himself even better.

In the final confrontation of the day NiP and Astralis faced each other. The Swedes surprised already at the stage of selecting map, betting on Vertigo, which is considered one of the best in the arsenal of the Danes. The non-randomness of the peak was proven by the result of the first half: the side of the attack by the ninjas finished with 12:3 on the scoreboard. After the change of sides, the leaders brought the first map to the logical end, eventually giving the four-time winners of the majors only six rounds. On Overpass Astralis have shown more resistance, but not enough to change the game - 16-8 in favor of the Swedish team.

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