Camel Riders pack for Asia Minor - Rio 2020

Omar "JOKER" Aldaradke's team Camel Riders has become the strongest participant in the qualification for Asia Minor - Rio 2020 for the Middle East region. One step away from entering the prestigious regional championship was the team Aeqqus, whose captain complained about the high ping to the provided server after the grand final.

The results of the Middle East qualification:

List of participants Asia Minor - Rio 2020:

 Camel Riders
Pacific Qualification Finalist #2
Chinese-qualified finalist #2
Winner of South East Asian qualification

Asia Minor - Rio 2020 will take place from April 26 to May 2. Representatives of East Asia, Oceania, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East will fight for two slots on ESL One Rio 2020 Major and a cash reward of $50,000.