MAD Lions benched HUNDEN

According to, MAD Lions captain Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen was excluded from the starting five of the team. The reason for this decision are some issues between the players of the Danish team.

At the moment, the club has not commented on the statement of the portal. It is expected that the reshuffles in the squad will be officially announced in the near future, as in two days the closed stage of qualifying for Europe Minor - Rio 2020 starts, where MAD Lions have received a direct invitation.

HUNDEN represents MAD Lions since December last year, when the Spanish club acquired the entire Tricked. The biggest achievements of the team during this period were 3-4 places at DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019, DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 and ICE Challenge 2020, as well as the successful qualification at IEM Katowice 2020.