FLASHPOINT S1 Qualifier: viewer's guide

The final stage of qualification for FLASHPOINT S1 will take place March 3-5 in FACEIT studio in Los Angeles, California. The competition starts with a group stage in the format of Double Elimination (GSL) BO1+BO3, the four finalists of which will advance to the Single Elimination BO3 bracket. In addition to the two slots, a $64,000 prize pool would be awarded.

Group stage seeding:

Group A

 AVEZ (MOLSI, Markoś, nawrot, KEi, Kylar)
 BIG (tabseN, tiziaN, syrsoN, XANTARES, k1to)
 DETONA (fp1, Tuurtle, tiburci0, vsm, Lucaozy)
 Orgless (FNS, yay, Subroza, WARDELL, Infinite)

Группа В

 Chaos (steel, smooya, vanity, cam, ben1337)
 Copenhagen Flames (Nodios, HooXi, refrezh, TeSeS, Farlig)
 Redemption POA (remix, dok, ALLE, sutecas, drg)
 HAVU (sAw, ZOREE, sLowi, doto, hoody)

Tournament schedule:

3-4 March

18:00  BIG vs.  DETONA BO1
19:30  AVEZ vs.  Orgless BO1
21:00  Copenhagen Flames vs.  Redemption POA BO1
22:30  HAVU vs.  Chaos BO1
00:00 Group A - BO3 Winners Match
03:00 Group B - BO3 Winners Match

March 4-5

18:00 Group A - Match of losers BO3
21:00 Group B - Match of losers BO3
00:00 Group A - Decision Match BO3
03:00 Group B - Decision match BO3

March 5

18:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
21:00 Semifinal #2 BO3

Distribution of the prize pool:

1-2. At $16,000 + slot at FLASHPOINT S1
3-4. At $8,000.
5-6. At $5,000.
7-8. $3,000 each.

Official broadcasts:

 RU – not yet announced
 EN – twitch.tv/flashpointcs

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