CS:GO Update Patch Notes for 2/24/2020

– Introducing patches – new customization items which can be applied to any agents you own. Once applied, patches can be removed but not recovered.
– Added support for shuffling equipped agents in their loadout slots.

[ UI ]
– Added equipped agent to buy menu.
– Moved display of item purchasability to the buy wheel.
– Bringing up the buy menu will now center the mouse pointer to the middle of the buy wheel.
– Added localization support for position of the currency symbol for in-game prices.
– Added support for editing and previewing crosshair in the game options.
– Added support for sharing and importing crosshair sharing codes.

[ MAPS ]
– Breach:
— Fixed a bomb stuck spot in mid
— Fixed long A Wingman clip not working
— Added additional clipping to mid staircase
— Minor visual fixes
— Prevented guns from clipping through the door near A site window.
— Clipped the sign on A-long, preventing players (and the bomb) from reaching the top of it.
— Improved clipping in several areas.

– Studio:
– Improved clipping and geometry around A site.
– Removed upper window unplayable area above B site.
– Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation.
– Improved clipping across the map.
– Fixed bomb-stuck spots.
– Fixed an issue with players boosting out of the map.
– Improved visuals of CT / T Streets
– Added bomb target decals to each site.

[ MISC ]
– AWP crouching movement acceleration is now constant and will not spike after firing a shot.
– Increased competitive max fps limit to 400 to support higher refresh rate monitors.
– Fixed a transform matrix bug when navblocker was instanced via rotated point templates.
– Fixed an underwater rendering crash on OSX.