CPH Flames welcome HooXi and refrezh

In the the published statement, Copenhagen Flames  esports director Daniel Vorborg said that at the moment can not disclose the reasons for the decision to expel AcilioN, along with TMB "became a victim of circumstances". It is noteworthy that a few days earlier insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis told about c0ntact interest to the Danish captain.

Ismail “Refrezh” Ali will be our new starting rifler. We expect great things from Ismail, as he is an extraordinary player that has shown his huge potential time and time again. In Ismail we receive a player capable of determining rounds on his own, who is experienced at big events and who has a cool, calm and collected head in pressured situations. So while Ismail won’t be acting as an in-game leader; we still believe his experience will come in handy and provide an important stability to the team.
We couldn’t be happier to welcome Ismail back home to Copenhagen Flames, and expect with the help of Ismail to rech new heights.

Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen is another player we can welcome back to Copenhagen Flames, as he will be picking up the reings of in-game leader and captain of the squad with the departure of Acilion.
Rasmus proved during his last stay that his work ethics and will to improve is among the best in the business. These are the primary attributes that makes us excited about the return of Rasmu, and we believe that we’ve created a team around him that puts him in the best possible position for success.
The last time we parted ways with Rasmus because we craved more experience and initiative in the roster, which we expected AcilioN was able to bring. Rasmus has grown as an in-game leader since but will also have great assistance from TeSeS, Farlig, Refrezh and Nodios.

 The current line-up of Copenhagen Flames:

 Asger "farlig" Jensen
 Magnus "Nodios" Olsen
 Rene "TeSeS" Madsen
 Ismail "refrezh" Ali
 Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen

 Danielle "vorborg" Vorborg (Coach)

 Asger "AcilioN" Larsen (bench)
 Thomas "TMB" Bundsbeck (bench)