Envy presented their roster

Envy officially introduced to her team a trio of Bugra "Calyx" Arkyn, Michal "MICHU" Muller and Caleb "moose" Jane, as well as Nicola "LEGIJA" Ninic as coach. Previously, new members of the team were seen applying for an open North American qualification for the Americas Minor - Rio 2020.

The American club started a major restructuring of the team after the transfer of Sam "s0m" Ow to Gen.G in December last year. The coaching staff, which included head coach Zachary "Eley" Stauffer and analyst Taylor "Tailored" Brumall, was dissolved, and in early January Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor and Jacob "FugLy" Medina were transferred to the reserve.

The new Envy will make their debut as part of the open qualification for Americas Minor - Rio 2020 for North America. The first matches of the regional championship will take place on the night of February 1.

The current line-up of Envy:

Noah "Nifty" Francis
Ryan "ryann" Welsh.
Bugra "Calyx" Arkyn
Michal "MICHU" Muller
Caleb "moose" Jane

Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninic (coach)