1.02 - Virtus Pro - Heroic - tip and prediction

Will Virtus pro finally wake up? Or maybe their potential is overstated?

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Heroic to win @ 2.03

Virtus.Pro is in a negative attitude and unfortunately still fails. The game is below expectations. The team has had a hard weekend in Leipzig. They had a rough playing weekend . Heroic doesn’t have a star player, but as James’ level drops, Heroic can take advantage of the situation and repeat the 2-0 victory from November.

Virtus.Pro is a very bad form in the last tournament losing 3 out of 3 maps. Heroic played in the same tournament where as a team they got the second highest average score - 1.07.

Two teams met on 17th September. Here Heroic won 2-0 on Nuke and Vertigo.

Heroic doesn’t have top players, but he has an even line-up, which is more important. You can’t play in such a swing. Heroic has a slightly stronger pool of maps. Virtus can’t do it all on Dust2 or Mirage.

Too much on this team depends on 1-2 players. James’s level is regularly getting worse than last year. Anyway, is Cadian much worse than James? The chances of Virtues for more and more are still getting smaller and the odds are still surprisingly small.

### This is because sometimes the team can reach the level of the world game. But for this to happen you have to count on a great and outstanding day for the players. Of course we have 4 days to play the game, but can a lot change? As for me - no. Waiting for a great game of one player? No kidding.