DeKay revealed a few details about upcoming major league

The new major league, which was rumored to have appeared in early autumn this year, will start in March with the participation of twelve teams. This was announced by DBLTAP portal journalist Jarek "DeKay" Lewis.

Each year the league, that goes under the name of B Site at the moment, will include two seasons with a total prize pool of $2 million. The entire cycle of one of two championships will include a regular LAN season with one month's duration and the final part, in which the eight strongest teams will participate. According to the published information, the final of the first season will take place in Europe, and the other one will be hosted in North America.

Ten of the twelve participants will pay a $2 million entry fee and will be the full owners of the league. Qualifiers will be used to determine the other two teams that will not have to pay for the slot, but will not be included in the league's income distribution model.

League participants will not be prohibited from competing in other tournaments, but it is expected that the dates will coincide with the ESL Pro League in order to avoid a conflict with the majors. It's rumored that Astralive has already given up on the next season's pro-league from ESL for this league.