ESEA S32 LAN: viewer's guide

The ESEA MDL S32 Global Challenge will take place on December 14-16 in Dallas, USA. The rivalry between the strongest teams of the regular season starts with a group stage in the format of Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 + BO3, the four finalists of which will clash in the Single Elimination BO3 bracket for the lion's part of the prize pool of $75,000.

Group stage seeding:

Group A

Winner of  forZe vs.  HAVU
Looser of  INTZ vs.  Riot Squad
 Team Spirit

Group B

Winner of  INTZ vs.  Riot Squad
Looser of  forZe vs.  HAVU

Tournament schedule:

14-15 December

17:00  forZe /  HAVU vs.  Rugratz BO1
17:00  INTZ /  Riot Squad vs.  ORDER BO1
18:30  INTZ /  Riot Squad vs.  Team Spirit BO1
18:30  forZe /  HAVU vs.  Triumph BO1
20:00 Group A - BO1 Winners' Match
20:00 Group B - BO1 Winners' Match
21:30 Group A - Losers' Match BO3
21:30 Group B - Losers' Match BO3
01:00 Group A - Decisive match BO3
01:00 Group B - Decisive match BO3

15-16 December

17:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
20:30 Semifinal #2 BO3
00:30 Grand Final BO3

Distribution of the prize fund:

1. $25,000
2. $15,000
3-4. $10,000 each.
5-8. $3,750 each.

Official broadcasts:

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