Format & schedule at cs_summit 5 revealed

Beyond The Summit presented the format and schedule of their next CS:GO tournament, which will take place 12 to 16 December in Los Angeles, USA. At the group stage the participants will face each other in the Round-robin BO1 format, according to the results of which the four strongest will advance to the stage of playoffs, where they will split the lion's share of the prize pool of $150,000 in the Single Elimination BO3 bracket.

Preliminary schedule of the tournament:

12-13 December

18:00  mousesports vs. OG BO1
19:00  OG vs.  mousesports BO1
20:00  mousesports vs. BO1
21:00 vs.  mousesports BO1
22:00 vs.  FURIA BO1
23:00  FURIA vs. BO1
00:00  FURIA vs.  G2 BO1
01:00  G2 vs.  FURIA BO1
02:00  G2 vs.  MiBR BO1
03:00  MiBR vs.  G2 BO1

13-14 December

18:00  OG vs. BO1
19:00 vs.  OG BO1
20:00  OG vs.  G2 BO1
21:00  G2 vs.  OG BO1
22:00  mousesports vs.  G2 BO1
23:00  G2 vs.  mousesports BO1
00:00  mousesports vs. MiBR BO1
01:00 MiBR vs.  mousesports BO1
02:00  FURIA vs.  MiBR BO1
03:00  MiBR vs.  FURIA BO1

14-15 December

18:00 vs.  G2 BO1
19:00  G2 vs. BO1
20:00 vs. MiBR BO1
21:00 MiBR vs. BO1
22:00  OG vs. MiBR BO1
23:00 MiBR vs.  OG BO1
00:00  OG vs.  FURIA BO1
01:00  FURIA vs.  OG BO1
02:00  mousesports vs.  FURIA BO1
03:00  FURIA vs.  mousesports BO1

15-16 December

18:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
21:00 Semifinal #2 BO3
00:30 Grand Final BO3

*All time is CET