EPL S10 Finals. Astralis & Liquid to decide who'll go to the semis

In the final of the upper bracket of the group B ESL Pro League S10 Finals  Astralis will face  Liquid, the result of the match  will determine their position in the playoffs. The winner will start the next stage with the semifinals, while the losing team will face the third place in Group A in the quarterfinals.

Earlier   Natus Vincere and  Evil Geniuses guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs. They also wil have to fight in the final of their group's top bracket tomorrow.

At the end of the second play day at ESL Pro League S10 Finals  alongside  TYLOO &  Heroic another set of teams including    Sharks,  North,  FaZe &  MiBR joined the list of outsiders.

Current results of the group stage ESL Pro League S10 Finals:

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