EPL S10 Finals. Na`Vi & EG advance to the playoff

 Natus Vincere and  Evil Geniuses made it to the group A playoff at the ESL Pro League S10 Finals. Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev's team coped with  TYLOO и  MiBR, while the American powerhouse knocked out  fnatic &  100 Thieves.

Also at the end of the first day of the game a couple of the first outsiders were identified:  TYLOO &  Heroic lost two matches in a row and finish their performance resting 13-16 place.

During the second play day matches of the first round of the lower bracket of Group B -  Renegades vs.  Sharks and  ATK vs.  North, the second round of the lower bracket of Group A -  FaZe vs.  100 Thieves and  MiBR vs.  fnatic, as well as the semifinal rivalries of Group B -  Astralis vs.  G2 &  mouz vs.  Liquid will be played

Current results of the group stage ESL Pro League S10 Finals:

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