Moscow Five sign NA roster

Moscow Five presented its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which will represent the organization in North America. It includes players from the Rugratz team, which had finished at the 4th place in the North American division of ESEA MDL S32, thus securing a place at the LAN-final of the league.

It is noteworthy that in the discussion of signing the new squad, the founder of Moscow Five Dmitry Smilyanets called for "waiting for the announcement of the team from Russia". At the end of October, he reported on his personal page at VK that the top five CS:GO players will be staffed by the end of 2019.

Current line-up of Moscow Five:

 Joshua "Hunter" Madore
 Alexander "zander" Diaz
 Eric "penny" Penny
 Danielle "rocca" Gustaferry
 Nathan "leaf" Orff

 Corey "flashstep" Parks