Singularity will replace Complexity in ESL Pro League S10 Round 2

Due to the fact that the new  Complexity roster will not be able to perform in the second round of ESL Pro League S10, Singularity joined the list of participants for the upcoming tournament.

Initially, the spare slot was offered to  Cloud9, who took the last place in Group B in the first round and were the only candidate to replace the Complexity, but the team refused. Among other outsiders of the North American division of ESL Pro League S10 Round 1 are  Swole Patrol,  Singularity &  Infinity, the organizers decided to choose" best-placed NA team eligible to participate in the next stage of the tournament".

EPL S10 Round 2 in the U.S. region will be take place November 13-18 in Burbank, USA. Singularity will compete for the last LAN final slot in the same group as  ATK,  Envy &  DETONA.