Movistar Riders qualified for DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019

Spanish team Movistar Riders won the Iberian qualification for DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019. On their way to the regional championship grand finals they defeated  Galatics, MAD Lions, Cream and beat OFFSET in deciding rivalry.

The results of the closed stage of the Iberian qualification:

List of participants of DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019:

Invite #1
Invite #2
Invite #3
Invite #4
Invite #5
Invite #6
Movistar Riders

DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 will take place December 12-15 in Seville, Spain. The prize fund of $100 000 will be split by eight teams, six of which will receive direct invitations and the other two places were taken by the winners of regional qualifications.