ECS Week 5 tournament schedule & seeding revealed

Esports Championship Series organizers presented the results of the draw and the schedule for final series of the regular season of the league, which will take place from October 28 to November 1 in the Single Elimination BO3 format. According to the results of ECS S8 Week 5, the last two participants of the LAN-final championship will be determined.

The European division of ECS S8 Week 5 will host  mousesports,,  FaZe,  Heroic,  Tricked,  North,  BIG и  fnatic &  FURIA,  ex-Singulatity,  eUnited,  ATK,  Complexity,  INTZ,  Riot Squad and  MiBR for North American region.

Europe ECS S8 Week 5 seeding:

NA ECS S8 Week 5 seeding:

ECS S8 Week 5 schedule:

28-29 October

16:00  mousesports vs. BO3
16:00  FaZe vs.  Heroic BO3
19:00  Tricked vs.  North BO3
19:00  BIG vs.  fnatic BO3
23:00  FURIA vs.  ex-Singulatity BO3
23:00  eUnited vs.  ATK BO3
02:00  Complexity vs.  INTZ BO3
02:00  Riot Squad vs.  MiBR BO3

October 29th-30th.

19:00 Semifinal #1 BO3
22:00 Semifinal #1 BO3

30-31 October

19:00 Semifinal #2 BO3
22:00 Semifinal #2 BO3

31 October - 1 November

19:00 Grand Final BO3
22:00 Grand Final BO3