Imperial qualified for StarSeries i-League S8

 Imperial became the winner of the Campeonato Brasileiro de Counter-Strike S1, where the teams for the slot for StarSeries i-League S8. In the playoffs of the Brazilian LAN tournament the team confidently defeated  Reapers and  Evidence.

The results of the playoff stage:

Distribution of the prize fund:

1.  Imperial - ~$6 250 + StarSeries i-League S8 slot
2.  Evidence - ~1 250

Full list of StarSeries i-League S8 members:

 Evil Genuises
 Natus Vincere

StarSeries i-League S8 will take on October 21-27 in the Turkish resort town of Belek. The prize fund of $500 000 will be distributed between sixteen teams, twelve of which have received direct invitations, and the remaining slots have been taken by the finalists of the qualifications for Europe, Asia and Brazil.